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The Water-Wise Garden - Jeffrey Hodges new softcover book

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A Slice of Organic Life - Sheherazade Goldsmith Used softcover book

Do you dream of growing your own vegetables, making jam from freshly picked fruit or keeping a couple of chickens? Are you and your family longing for a cleaner, greener, more wholesome life?

Our Price: AUD 29.95
Stock Info: In Stock
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  The Permaculture Home Garden - Linda Woodrow new softcover book 2007

Turn your backyard into a thriving permaculture garden. Grow great tasting fruit and vegetables the organic way.

Retail: AUD 39.95
On Sale: AUD 36.95
You Save: 8%
Stock Info: Out Of Stock
  Waterwise Gardening 4th Edition - Kevin Walsh New softcover book

Our gardens are guzzling between one quarter and one half of all domestic water. With our very dry land, where fresh water is a relative trickle, we need to get waterwise .... and fast!

Our Price: AUD 26.95
Stock Info: Out Of Stock

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