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Flavours of Mexico - Donna Hay - New softcover Mexican recipe book

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The Complete Middle East Cookbook - Tess Mallos New hardcover recipe book 2012

This is a completely revised and updated edition of Tess Mallos' influential and iconic The Complete Middle Eastern Cookbook. The authentic secrets of 19 national and regional cuisines. More than 500 recipes, from the simple to the exotic. Plus essential information about Middle Eastern foods, cooking techniques, eating styles and how to handle ingredients.

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On Sale: AUD 56.95
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Stock Info: In Stock
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  DAILY ITALIAN - Tobie Puttock New softcover recipe book

New cookbook from Tobie Puttock, the executive head chef of Fifteen Melbourne, and good mate of Jamie Oliver.

Retail: AUD 39.95
On Sale: AUD 29.95
You Save: 26%
Stock Info: Out Of Stock

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