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Cupcakes - Elinor Klivans New softcover recipe book

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  Cupcakes - Shelly Kaldunski New hardcover recipe book

Make your favourite bakery treats at home! Over 60 tempting recipes for cupcakes, fillings and frostings. Helpful tips, decorating ideas and lots of inspiration.

Retail: AUD 32.95
On Sale: AUD 24.95
You Save: 25%
Stock Info: Out Of Stock
Cupcakes - Susannah Blake  New hardcover book, great photos.

There's something irresistible about cupcakes, whether it's the pretty icing or the childhood memories they evoke. Susannah Blake offers a delightful collection of beautiful and delicious little cakes.

Retail: AUD 22.95
On Sale: AUD 19.95
You Save: 14%
Stock Info: In Stock
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  Muffin Bible - Penguin Books New softcover book

Brand new softcover book, published 2006, 258 pages. There's nothing like a freshly baked muffin, hot out of the oven and smelling like heaven. Includes gorgeous full-colour photos and recipe index.

Our Price: AUD 14.95
Stock Info: Out Of Stock

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