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Overcoming Diabetes - Dr Sarah Brewer New book

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Overcoming Diabetes - Dr Sarah Brewer New book

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Overcoming Diabetes - Dr Sarah Brewer New book


The Complete Complementary Health Program


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New softcover book, 180 pages. Published 2008, the first book in the Natural Health Guru range - click here to see others in the series.

Understand the causes, complications and conventional treatments of diabetes; discover therapies and lifestyle changes that can alleviate your symptoms and improve your health; follow tailor-made programs designed to suit you and your condition; make real changes to your life and health by managing your diabetes in the best way possible

Renowned doctor and best-selling author Sarah Brewer presents a unique book for sufferers of diabetes. It provides a highly authoritative yet easy-to-follow program of complementary medicine and self-care treatments, designed to work individually and to support the conventional treatment for diabetes. Whether you are looing to manage your diabetes better, significantly reduce your risk of long-term health complications or simply feel better and more in control, this is the book for you.

In Part 1, find out everything you need to know abotu the medical aspects of diabetes and the treatment that your doctor may prescribe. In Part 2, explore the most beneficial natural treatments available. Then in Part 3, choose one of three treatment programs to follow. Using a detailed questionnaire, Dr Sarah Brewer guides you toward the program that is right for your health, fitness and lifestyle levels: Gentle, Moderate or Full-Strength. Each one is designed to optimise your diabetes care by offering specially formulated eating and exercise plans, plus suggestions of how you can benefit from a wide variety of complementary therapies. These programs are so effective you may start to notice positive changes in as little as a week. Use them to make real changes to your health and your life.

About the author

Dr Sarah Brewer is a doctor and leading medical writer, She is the author of many internationally successful books, including Eat to Beat High Blood Pressure, Eat to Beat I.B.S, The Daily Telegraph Encyclopedia of Vitamins, Minerals and Herbal Supplements and Energy Boosters. Her most recent publications are the Natural Health Guru books - Overcoming Diabetes, Overcoming Asthma, Overcoming Arthritis and Overcoming High Blood Pressure. The recipient of several writing awards, she was named the UK's Health Journalist of the Year in 2002. Dr Brewer has a website providing advice and information on common ailments

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Overcoming Diabetes: The Complete Complementary Health Program - Dr Sarah Brewer



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