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The Complete Middle East Cookbook - Tess Mallos New hardcover recipe book 2012

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The Complete Middle East Cookbook - Tess Mallos New hardcover recipe book 2012

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The Complete Middle East Cookbook - Tess Mallos New hardcover recipe book 2012



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New large hardcover book, 544 pages, published 2012. Over 500 recipes with superb full-colour full-page photos.

Tess Mallos shows how to prepare delectable meals from the facsinating cultures of the Middle East, with recipes carefully tested and set out in easy-to-follow steps. Many of the dishes are illustrated in 80 superb photographs.

This book is a completely revised and updated edition of Tess Mallos' influential and iconic The Complete Middle Eastern Cookbook. It provides a brilliant insight into the regional dishes of Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt and Syria and an invaluable introduction to some of the lesser known cuisines of other countries in the region: Afghanistan, Armenia, Cyprus, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, The United Arab Emirates UAE and Yemen.

These pages guide the reader through the vast scope of Middle Eastern cooking - recipes and photographs show how to use familiar foods in new and exciting ways, while the introduction to each chapter examines the food, lifestyle and cooking methods of each country, to explain exactly how to use the right ingredients in delicious, authentic dishes.

The recipes ensure that the traditional essence of each cuisine is preserved, while the instructions are given in the clearest and most accessible way for the modern cook, with guidance wherever necessary for the use of today's appliances. The basics of Middle Eastern cooking are carefully explained, and the glossary gives regional mnames and descriptions of a host of food and ingredients.

The Complete Middle East Cookbook is a joy to read and to use in the kitchen. A bestselling classic for over 25 years, it has been revised and enhanced with contemporary photographs, so that it will continue to delight all who seek to know and enjoy the rich and varied cuisines of the Middle East.

About the author

Tess Mallos (nee, Anastasia Calopades) was an Australian food and cooking, writer, journalist, author, and commentator. She wrote a number of books on Greek and Middle Eastern cuisine, including the Greek Cookbook - click here for more information or to purchase.
Her parents, both from the Greek island of Kythera, emigrated to Australia where she was born and raised in the country town of Casino, New South Wales. Her father, Andonis Calopades arrived in Australia at the turn of the 20th century as an 11 year old, and worked in the famous Kominos cafe in the central business district of Sydney. In 1919, he moved to Casino, where he ran the Marble Bar Cafe. Her mother was Calliope Manolliaras.

Tess began her writing career in cooking as a freelance food consultant in advertising, creating and writing recipes for a wide range of food as well as preparing food for photography. Her first book in 1976 was the Greek Cookbook, which featured familiar recipes from her Greek heritage. Many books followed featuring recipes gathered from cuisines in the Mediterranean, Middle East and North Africa. Tess worked as Food Consultant to the Australian Meat Board, where she wrote editorials on meat cooking for some 80 publications throughout Australia, and 20 overseas countries. She also demonstrated her recipes in cooking segments on a number of Australian television cooking shows. Sadly, she passed away at the conclusion of this project, in July 2012.

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The Complete Middle East Cookbook by Tess Mallos



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